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2022 Annual Employment Law Update – On-Demand

2022 Annual Payroll Tax & Fringe Benefits Update – Live Online

2022 Annual Payroll Tax & Fringe Benefits Update IN-PERSON

Accounting for the Non-Accountant IN-PERSON

Accounting for the Non-Accountant LIVE ONLINE

Active Listening IN-PERSON

Advanced Principles of Leadership

Anti-Harassment in the Workplace LIVE ONLINE

Assertive Communication Advantage Series LIVE ONLINE

Assertive Communication Skills IN-PERSON

Avoiding Common Benefits Issues

Basic Business Skills

Becoming the Exemplary Leader

Becoming the Exemplary Leader – On Demand

Behavioral Interviewing Skills – Advanced

Behavioral Interviewing Skills IN-PERSON

Beyond Supervisor Essentials IN-PERSON

Bud to Boss

Building Brilliant Workforce Skills

Building Brilliant Workforce Skills – On Demand

Building Commitment & Accountability IN-PERSON

Building Influence & Credibility

Building Trust and Respect

Building Your Career

Business Acumen

Challenging Discussions IN-PERSON

Coaching 101

Coaching Career Development

Compensation 101: Design & Structure LIVE ONLINE

Conducting Effective Meetings IN-PERSON

Conflict, Coaching & Challenging Discussions IN-PERSON

Conflict, Coaching & Challenging Discussions LIVE ONLINE

Conquering FMLA

Creating Great Teamwork

Critical Thinking Skills IN-PERSON

Critical Thinking Skills LIVE ONLINE

Customer Service Basics

Customer Service Management

Dare to Lead™ – Brave Leaders & Courageous Cultures

Dare to Lead™ – BRAVING Trust

Dare to Lead™ – Daring Leader Integration

Dare to Lead™ – Learning to Rise

Dare to Lead™ – Living into our Values

Dare to Lead™ – Rumbling with Vulnerability

Dare to Lead™ Series Information Session LIVE ONLINE

Delegation Skills IN-PERSON

Developing a Diversity Initiative Plan LIVE ONLINE

Developing People for Performance and Growth

Don’t Violate…. Update! 4 Key Illinois Policy Updates for 2023 LIVE ONLINE

Driving Towards a New Direction

Effective Email Management  LIVE ONLINE

Effective Writing Skills IN-PERSON

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 IN-PERSON

Employee Policy Manual – On Demand

Employee Policy Manual – Session 1: Must Have Policies, and COVID-19 Policy Intersections

Employee Policy Manual – Session 2: Policy Categories

Employee Policy Manual – Session 3: Handbook Best Practices

Exceeding Customer Expectations IN-PERSON

Exceeding Customer Expectations LIVE ONLINE

Exceptional Customer Service IN-PERSON

Exceptional Customer Service LIVE ONLINE

Exploring Emotional Intelligence – IN PERSON

Exploring Emotional Intelligence – LIVE ONLINE

Grammar & Proofreading

High Performance Coaching IN-PERSON

How to Work Successfully From Home

HR Elements: Employee Communications LIVE ONLINE

HR Elements: Employee Recordkeeping, Reports & Personnel Files LIVE ONLINE

HR Elements: Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action LIVE ONLINE

HR Elements: Roles & Regulatory Compliance LIVE ONLINE

HR Elements: The Employment Process LIVE ONLINE

HR Elements: Training & Organizational Development LIVE ONLINE

HR Elements: Unemployment, Workers’ Compensation & Claims Management LIVE ONLINE

HR Elements: Wage & Salary Administration LIVE ONLINE

HR Jumpstart

Human Resources – Fundamentals IN-PERSON

Human Resources – Intermediate

Increasing Your Contribution at Work

Interpersonal Communication Skills IN-PERSON

Interpersonal Communication Skills LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Employment Law for Supervisors LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Coaching for Peak Performance LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Communicating Effectively as a Leader LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Delegating & Empowering Others LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Developing & Leading High Performing Teams LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Foundations of Effective Leadership LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Implementing Effective Motivation LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Influencing Positive Change LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Interviewing Skills for the Supervisor LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Managing Diversity in the Workplace LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Mastering Conflict Resolution LIVE ONLINE

KLS: Performance Management & Delivering Appraisals LIVE ONLINE

Leadership Communication Skills

Leadership for Leads IN-PERSON

Leading Change IN-PERSON

LEAN Thinking in the Office

Legal Side of Supervision IN-PERSON

Managing for Success

Microsoft Excel – Advanced

Microsoft Excel – Basic

Microsoft Excel – Intermediate

Microsoft Excel – Pivot Tables

Microsoft PowerPoint – Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint – Basic

Microsoft Word – Advanced

Microsoft Word – Basic

Microsoft Word – Intermediate

Motivational Skills for Leaders IN-PERSON

Negotiating Skills IN-PERSON

Onboarding New Employees

Overcoming Objections

Personal Productivity IN-PERSON

Personal Productivity LIVE ONLINE

PHR®/SPHR®/SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Study Course

Presentation Skills IN-PERSON

Preventing Procrastination  LIVE ONLINE

Principles of Leadership – Indianapolis

Principles of Leadership IN-PERSON

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Productive Conflict with DiSC LIVE ONLINE

Professional Presence

Professional Selling Skills


Project Management for Managers

Project Management Fundamentals LIVE ONLINE

Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors – “More than a Hunch”

Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors – “More than a Hunch” ON-DEMAND

Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors LIVE ONLINE

Relationship Building IN-PERSON

Remote Leadership Toolkit

Resolving Conflict in Today’s Workplace IN-PERSON

Safety Management Fundamentals IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Accident Investigation IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Bloodborne Pathogens IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Ergonomics IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Fall Protection IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: HazCom IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Lockout/Tagout IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Machine Safeguarding IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Confined Space IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Electrical Safety IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Emergency Planning IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Health Hazard Awareness IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Noise Reduction IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: OSHA Recordkeeping IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Personal Protective & Lifesaving Equipment IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Respiratory Protection IN-PERSON

Safety Subjects: Safety Training Best Practices IN-PERSON

Sales Communication Skills LIVE ONLINE

Selling with Confidence: The Discovery Process LIVE ONLINE

Selling with Confidence: Client Qualification LIVE ONLINE

Selling with Confidence: Following Up LIVE ONLINE

Selling with Confidence: Managing Resistance with Prospects LIVE ONLINE

Selling with Confidence: Overcoming Buying Objections LIVE ONLINE

Selling with Confidence: Time Management for Sales LIVE ONLINE

Selling With Confidence: Value vs ROI LIVE ONLINE

Strategic HR: Driving Employee Engagement LIVE ONLINE

Strategic HR: HR Metrics & Analytics LIVE ONLINE

Strategic HR: Organizational Strategy & Planning LIVE ONLINE

Strategic HR: Performance Management LIVE ONLINE

Stress Management LIVE ONLINE

Successful Coaching Skills IN-PERSON

Supervisor Essentials IN-PERSON

The Respectful Workplace: California Employees

The Respectful Workplace: California Managers

The Respectful Workplace: Canada Employees

The Respectful Workplace: Canada Managers

The Respectful Workplace: Connecticut Employees

The Respectful Workplace: Connecticut Managers

The Respectful Workplace: Delaware Employees

The Respectful Workplace: Delaware Managers

The Respectful Workplace: General Employees

The Respectful Workplace: Illinois Employees

The Respectful Workplace: Illinois Hospitality Employees

The Respectful Workplace: Illinois Hospitality Managers

The Respectful Workplace: Illinois Managers

The Respectful Workplace: Maine Employees

The Respectful Workplace: Maine Managers

The Respectful Workplace: Manager

The Respectful Workplace: New York Employees

The Respectful Workplace: New York Managers

The Respectful Workplace: Washington Employees

The Respectful Workplace: Washington Managers

Time Management IN-PERSON

Time Management LIVE ONLINE


Unconscious Bias in the Workplace LIVE ONLINE

Uncovering Needs

Work of Leaders IN-PERSON

Working with Difficult People IN-PERSON

Working with Difficult People LIVE ONLINE

Your Role as a Supervisor IN-PERSON

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