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Non-Member Fees: $459.00

This workshop is a 2-day (14-hour) interactive skills-based program for lead staff, potential supervisors, and new supervisors, who have had limited supervisory training and/or experience. The approach is hands-on and conveyed through interactive dialogue, individual and group discussions, assessments, and team-based learning.
Building effective frontline leadership has become critical during these challenging times. This updated approach to frontline excellence can greatly assist and support your frontline leadership team or soon-to-become frontline leaders, by exploring innovative and leading-edge practices to perform at their very best! This is a full 2-day interactive skills development workshop designed specifically for those employees who have had limited frontline leadership training and/or experience as well as those who may need a refresher. The discovery learning approach provides participants with a balanced blend of group discussion, personal assessment, team exercises, and situational problem-solving for on-the-job application.

The following core topics are covered during this basic workshop, focusing on individual assessment and on-the-job application of critical frontline skills:

This workshop is available on-site and can be customized to address specific clientneeds.For Cancellation/Reschedule and Inclement Weather Policy please click HERE