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Effectively managing your email inbox can be key to time management and increased productivity. The most effective email users are seen as more reliable and accessible just by following a few best practices that prevent email from overwhelming them. During this course, attendees will learn the three strategies to pull you off the hamster wheel of email ineffectiveness. This 2-hour class will help you make your email work for you and assist in being more productive and organized.

Attendees will learn the secrets of:

Join us Live Online to learn how to prevent your email from becoming overwhelming and assist you in getting more done.

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Course Dates

Course Date and Time

Start Date: 10/19/2023 09:30 AM CDT
End Date: 10/19/2023 11:30 AM CDT

This Event is not available.

Course Date and Time

Start Date: 01/11/2024 01:30 PM CST
End Date: 01/11/2024 03:30 PM CST
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