The purpose of the “Building Brilliant Workforce Skills” series is to develop and finetune key business performance skills & fundamentals.

Run Time: Twelve modules, 30-minute sessions each (6 hours total)

Instructor: Scott Parres

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The purpose of the Building Brilliant Workforce Skills series is to develop and finetune key business performance skills & fundamentals.  By focusing on 12 key building blocks, individuals will further develop their skills leading to increased success in the workplace.

Target Audience:  Individual contributors looking to improve their performance by enhancing numerous skills ranging from communication, motivation, critical thinking, stress & time management to problem-solving.  Entry-level to experienced team members will benefit from the concepts and practices discussed.

  • Module 1: Assertive Communication
  • Module 2: Challenging Discussions
  • Module 3: Change Management
  • Module 4: Building Trust
  • Module 5: Motivation Skills
  • Module 6: Stress Management
  • Module 7: Time Management
  • Module 8: Critical Thinking
  • Module 9: Problem Solving
  • Module 10: Phone Etiquette
  • Module 11: Building Relationships and Engaging Peers
  • Module 12: Exceptional Client Communications

Run Time: Twelve modules, 30 minute sessions each (6 Hours total)
Instructor: Scott Parres

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