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Intro to Microsoft Excel

Join our comprehensive Microsoft Excel training course and unlock the power of this essential spreadsheet software. Gain hands-on experience in data organization, analysis, and visualization, equipping you with the skills necessary for efficient data management and decision-making.

  1. Excel Overview
    • a. What is Excel used for?
    • b. Starting a new workbook
    • c. Verbiage – Workbook, Worksheet, Cells, Formulas, Formula Bar, Ribbon,
    • d. Overview of the ribbon, including Quick Access
    • e. Different ways to access the data in the cells
  1. Excel Basic Table
    • a. Input data
      • i. Autofill
      • ii. Formatting cells
    • b. Wrap text, merge & center, adjusting rows & columns
    • c. Walk through ways to design
      • i. Borders
      • ii. Format as Table
    • d. Graphs that can be created based on the data
  1. Excel Basic Formulas
    • a. Creating a formula manually
    • b. Sum, Average, Count, Max & Min
    • c. Relative vs Absolute in formulas
  1. Sorting and views
    • a. Sorting and Filters
    • b. Freezing & unfreezing panes
    • c. Adding header/footer

Participants will need access to this Microsoft product (either online or the computer app) to participate in the lab time. Exercises will be provided during the lab to practice the functions and tools discussed while the instructor is there to provide guidance and answer questions.

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Course Dates

Course Date and Time

Start Date: 05/23/2024 09:30 AM CDT
End Date: 05/23/2024 11:30 AM CDT

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