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On Demand

AAIM is helping business leaders sharpen their focus and resolve as they settle into the new normal that COVID-19 has brought them. All leaders need to strengthen their skillset now more than ever.

The “Becoming the Exemplary Leader” program has been created from AAIM’s most relevant and comprehensive leadership content. The program is 25 modules and is designed for leaders to enjoy over lunch.

Module Topics

    • Module 1: Supervising, Managing, Leading… What’s the Difference?
    • Module 2: Managing the Expectations of Others
    • Module 3: Your Organizational Role
    • Module 4: Navigating from Peer to Boss & Establishing Credibility
    • Module 5: Creating a Positive Work Environment
    • Module 6: Communicating Like a Leader
    • Module 7: Active Listening
    • Module 8: Learn About Others
    • Module 9: Running Effective Meetings
    • Module 10: Getting People to Read and Act on Your Emails
    • Module 11: What Coaching is… and what it is not.
    • Module 12: The Coaching Continuum
    • Module 13: Assessing Employee Performance & Coaching Needs
    • Module 14: Understanding Your Employee’s Motivators
    • Module 15: Delivering Meaningful Feedback
    • Module 16: Formal coaching When There is a Problem
    • Module 17: Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
    • Module 18: Interviewing
    • Module 19: Effective Delegation Skills
    • Module 20: Make Conflict Productive
    • Module 21: Calm Your People Down when Conflict Escalates
    • Module 22: Mediate Conflict & Negotiate Resolutions
    • Module 23: Change and It’s Impact on Your Business
    • Module 24: Transitioning Your People through Tough Times
    • Module 25: The Behaviors that Make a Great Team

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