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Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint LIVE ONLINE

This introductory training course will provide an overview of using PowerPoint to create dynamic and engaging presentations with ease. Learn how to effectively communicate ideas, convey information visually, and captivate audiences through the use of multimedia elements and effective storytelling techniques.

  1. PowerPoint Overview
    • a. What is PowerPoint used for?
    • b. Starting a new presentation
    • c. Verbiage – Slides, Animations, Transitions,
  1. Slides
    • a. Add, remove, and rearrange slides
    • b. Change slide layout
    • c. Choosing a design
    • d. Change slide color/background
    • e. Add header/footer
  1. Content
    • a. Adding titles and text
    • b. Inserting Tables & Charts
    • c. Inserting pictures & videos
    • d. Inserting YouTube videos
    • e. WordArt
  1. Transitions
    • a. Examples & Indicator
    • b. Sounds, duration & on mouse click or timed
  1. Animations
    • a. Examples & Indicator
    • b. Using multiple animations/Animation pane
    • c. Mouse click or timed, duration & delay
  1. Slide show and printing options for the presentation

Participants will need access to this Microsoft product (either online or the computer app) to participate in the lab time. Exercises will be provided during the lab to practice the functions and tools discussed while the instructor is there to provide guidance and answer questions.


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Course Dates

Course Date and Time

Start Date: 02/08/2024 01:30 PM CST
End Date: 02/08/2024 03:30 PM CST

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Course Date and Time

Start Date: 05/09/2024 09:30 AM CDT
End Date: 05/09/2024 11:30 AM CDT
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