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We concentrate on practical “how-to” information. That includes tips, techniques and strategies that will have an immediate impact on your personal productivity.

The HR Detective: How to Conduct Thorough and Legal Workplace Investigations

AAIM St. Louis Office 12851 Manchester Rd., Suite 150, St. Louis, MO

IN PERSON OPTION IS NOW SOLD OUT! Conducting investigations can be an unclear, unfamiliar, or uncomfortable responsibility for HR professionals, especially in situations that are highly emotional or complex. This […]

KLS: Foundations of Effective Leadership LIVE ONLINE

As a supervisor, manager, or leader within your organization, you have many important responsibilities. Instead of just focusing on your own work, you must now ensure that results are achieved […]

Critical Thinking Skills IN-PERSON

Participants will learn ways to find new solutions, tips to avoid emotional thinking, and methods to work together more efficiently.

Preventing Procrastination LIVE ONLINE

This course goes beyond just the standard to-do list to help prevent procrastination, by helping develop solid action plans and move you off the hamster wheel of frustration and inefficiency.

Customized Training Courses

Why settle for standard public training when you can have a custom program that would include your Mission, Vision, and Company Values? Imagine a program that tailors the workshop and activities to the market you serve! If this sounds appealing, call your AAIM Account Executive today to explore the possibilities.