Principles of Leadership IN-PERSON

Dates: Jan 31, Feb 14, Feb 28, Mar 14, Mar 28 & Apr 11, 2023 Making the jump from individual contributor to manager is one of the toughest career challenges […]

HRE: Wage & Salary Administration LIVE ONLINE

This course offers a review of the role of Human Resources in managing wage & salary structure for the organization. It will examine compensation objectives as well as legal requirements […]

KLS: Delegating & Empowering Others LIVE ONLINE

The idea of delegation is certainly nothing new. It’s something effective supervisors and managers do well. This training provides guidelines that help all leaders learn how to do it right.

Motivational Skills for Leaders IN-PERSON

This interactive training course goes beyond theory and provides practical, easy-to-apply tips and techniques that will help any work leader motivate employees to higher levels of performance.

Safety Subjects: Accident Investigation IN-PERSON

This course will cover how to develop and implement an incident investigation program. Various analysis techniques will be discussed as well as assembling an investigation tool kit.

Supervisor Essentials IN-PERSON

Dates: February 8, 15 & 22, 2023 As a supervisor, you are only as good as your people and the work they produce. This series course is designed to provide […]

Customized Training Courses

Why settle for standard public training when you can have a custom program that would include your Mission, Vision, and Company Values? Imagine a program that tailors the workshop and activities to the market you serve! If this sounds appealing, call your AAIM Account Executive today to explore the possibilities.