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Leadership Training

When new managers and supervisors move into their roles, they are often not prepared for the challenges that come with being responsible for managing others. Succeeding in a supervisory role requires much more than operational expertise, it demands an understanding of the expectations that others have of you, balancing operational and personnel demands, establishing your personal credibility and authority, and creating a productive environment.

AAIM’s supervisor training gives individuals a clear understanding of their job responsibilities as a supervisor, helps them develop their leadership style, and helps them understand the basic skills needed to be an effective supervisor.

For those who have completed our Principles of Leadership and Advanced Principles of Leadership courses, we have a collection of post-training tips to help you sustain what was learned in class. This series of 52 videos reflects the key messages delivered throughout the 6-day program. If you are interested in obtaining this collection, please contact your AAIM Account Executive.

Below is tip #7, “Leadership Styles”