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Determining the right pay for employees can be challenging, especially in our quickly-changing economy. Organizations are looking for ways to attract and retain key talent while increasing performance expectations across the board. Paying too much or too little can undermine success and create employee relations challenges.

AAIM’s compensation experts will help ensure the best strategies, structures, and practices for effective talent management. We can provide market pricing for a single job, update organizations’ base pay structure, develop base pay and incentive programs, and evaluate FLSA compliance.

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See what our clients have to say about AAIM’s compensation work:

“During the majority of our 60 years in business, AAIM has provided business solutions for Essex. Projects at Essex include an on-going “gut-check” of how well the company benchmarks against other St. Louis companies in our same industry as well as the development of a succession plan.”
– Keith G., President/CEO/COO, Essex Industries

“The corporate-wide compensation program and platform that AAIM worked with Von Hoffmann to design and implement has been an impressive and successful initiative. With AAIM’s compensation program, we have been able to create a comprehensive compensation strategy and workable and defensible pay grade system for all 2,300 salaried and production hourly employees across eight divisions. These divisions are a collection of previously independently owned companies with different pay plans. With AAIM’s assistance, we have implemented a compensation plan that aligns and integrates these divisions within a new corporate structure. It is further proving to be a successful platform for quicker and successful integration of new acquisitions.”
Craig N., Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Von Hoffmann

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