Our Online Resources for HR Professionals

Our Online Resources for HR Professionals

What types of human resources materials do you use to keep your HR department up to date with current regulations and best practices? If you don’t have many HR resources to draw from, you could look for HR resources online. But don’t look just anywhere on the internet for these resources. When you become a member of our network at AAIM, you gain access to all the information in our HR resource libraries and more.

Key Concepts

This post covers the following concepts:

  • What our online HR resource libraries offer
  • Other online resources for HR professionals
    • Virtual training services
    • Research and solutions team
    • Job postings
  • Why use AAIM’s online resources

What Our HR Resource Libraries Offer

Our resource libraries give you access to a whole range of documents to help you maintain your talent management and employee engagement capabilities. We have libraries devoted to the following topics:

  • Human Resources
  • Compensation
  • Safety
  • Immediate Answers (HR Answers Now)

These libraries contain the latest industry and governmental information on these topics. Whenever you need to answer a question about one of these topics, you can rely on our libraries for answers.

Our Other Online Resources for HR Professionals

We offer our members more than just online HR libraries. We provide additional online resources, including:

Virtual Training Services

Need to educate your HR department staff about certain practices and subjects? Our virtual training sessions do that for you. We work with you to identify your department’s key topics of interest and design courses around them. We can adapt our current training content to meet your organization’s needs or we can create new, customized training content for you.

Research and Solutions Team

If our online libraries and training sessions dondddd’t help you improve your HR practices, our research and solutions team could help. They answer 7,000 HR questions every year for our members. These team members always take the time to understand our members’ questions and problems and perform thorough research to answer and solve them.

Job Postings

Want to attract top talent to your business? Our online job boards help you post your job openings and find the right candidates for your positions. We provide this space to help you find the right people for your organization.

Want access to these online resources for HR professionals? Join our network of members today.

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Why Online HR Resources Matter

Online HR resources matter because they teach you everything you need to know about HR best practices and regulations, and they’re just a few clicks away. These resources help medium and small businesses gain access to information that large enterprises use to run their HR departments. When you take advantage of these resources, you have everything you need to take care of your employees and keep your human resources managers and staff ready for any situation.

Why Use AAIM’s Online Resources?

When you set up your HR department, it’s important to stay up to date with employment law changes as well as the latest news and HR trends. Our HR consulting resources create more knowledgeable human resources professionals by keeping you aware of employment laws, regulations, news, and trends.

We help you develop the HR materials and best practices you need to manage your employees and run your business smoothly. For example, we can provide library resources and training sessions on how to create an employee handbook or conduct performance reviews, among other topics.