Invest in Your Employees with Continuous Onboarding


Lack of advancement opportunity is one of the top reasons why professionals leave their jobs. A recent survey of exiting workers found that more than half said their manager or organization could have done something to prevent them from leaving. Many reported that in the months prior to their departure, no one had spoken to them about job satisfaction or their future.

With a tight labor market, it only makes sense to ensure that learning, development and growth are embedded into your employees’ career paths. Although most organizations associate onboarding with new hires, continuous onboarding shows a commitment to investing in all employees, both new and old.

Create a Continuous Onboarding Roadmap for the First Year

When we talk about continuous onboarding, we’re not referring to refreshing existing employees’ knowledge of internal policies. Continuous onboarding should be a personalized program that is focused on career progression and development. It would be nearly impossible for you to map out the details of every single milestone for every single employee, but with a standard framework as a guide, you’ll be able to sit down with your employee and discuss their continuous onboarding plan.

Make Career Development a Priority with Regularly Scheduled Check-Ins

An employee’s plan should never be dictated to them. If your goal is to reduce turnover and improve retention, then the plan should really be created with their input. Ask them what their goals are, what kind of growth opportunities they want, and then finalize the plan together. This empowers your employees to shape their own paths and spells out exactly what is expected.

Employees are craving meaningful and regular conversations around career development. Although it gets easy to prioritize other meetings so you can address fire drills and other impromptu needs, it’s important to keep regularly scheduled check-ins.

Things come up and you sacrifice the check-ins because “there is always tomorrow or next week.” Don’t fall into this trap. Consider these meetings unmovable and do your best to always show up on time.

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We work with companies to understand and integrate their organization’s culture and determine their specific training needs. Through our practical approach, employees develop skills they can put to use quickly and effectively.

Our organizational development specialists develop instructor-led training, web-based training materials, video training programs and e-learning programs. We follow a collaborative process that ensures that companies’ leadership teams are involved in the development process and that we produce a high-quality course with their approval and satisfaction at each phase of the project. AAIM has been helping employers across our operating region build a better workforce for nearly 120 years.

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