How to Document Effective Interview Feedback

Great hires start with great interview feedback. When interviewing candidates, your hiring decisions rely on good communication between interviewers. And this involves documenting specific interview feedback and sharing it with your team in a consistent way.

Why consistent interview feedback is important

Taking the time to think through and document a structured process for interview feedback is incredibly important when it comes to fairly evaluating candidates. Well written feedback from your hiring team means it’s easier to determine whether the candidate is the right fit. The benefit of standardizing your feedback process and sharing it with the team in a consistent way cannot be understated.

Here are some helpful tips to begin standardizing your internal interview feedback:

Standardize the Evaluation Process

Vague questions elicit vague answers. To make smart decisions, you need consistent scoring. A standardized feedback system is the difference between having usable data and having a handful of anecdotes and gut feelings. Start with your hiring criteria and implement a scoring system for each interview.

Train Your Hiring Team

Arrange a meeting with your hiring team to explain the standardized system. Use examples to distinguish the difference in specific, helpful feedback and vague, non-specific comments.

Here are a few of examples:

Create a Great Candidate Experience

A standardized interview process empowers your hiring team members to more quickly and effectively evaluate candidates, while giving candidates the kind of experience they deserve for committing their time and energy to a process defined by its fundamental unpredictability. Without a clear plan for each interview, it’s easy for things to get off track and lose track of candidate feedback. AAIMTrack makes it easier for employers to share valuable feedback with key decision-makers in one streamlined applicant tracking system.