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Applicant Tracking

Is your human resources manager overwhelmed by keeping track of applicant-related information? With AAIMTrack, our applicant tracking system, your HR professionals easily keep track of recruiting processes, job applications, employee engagement[EM1] , and onboard new hires—all in one place.

Say goodbye to complicated applicant tracking.

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AAIMTrack is our applicant tracking system for employers. The system includes:

  • Job board postings
  • Social recruiting
  • Application Review
  • Integrated access to AAIMCheck background screening & drug testing
  • Integrated Payroll & Onboarding options

Each of these features is scalable and customizable based on your business’s hiring needs. AAIMTrack is ideal for both small and large businesses because it’s an integrated recruiting software designed to fit your individual needs.
AAIMTrack makes hiring and job screening as easy as possible with its all-in-one design. You don’t need to download different software for hiring, recruiting, or screening—it’s all in one place with AAIMTrack.

What Are My AAIMTrack Options?

There are three choices for our applicant tracking system, but you can make adjustments to any plan to customize the package to your business’s specific needs.

Pro AAIMTrack

These are the benefits of our Pro applicant tracking system:

  • Fully branded career site that matches your corporate site
  • Updated job alerts and social followings
  • Internal job board for hiring
  • Custom employment applications for external and internal hires
  • Unlimited job-screening questions
  • Question scoring and weighting
  • Unlimited HR and manager logins
  • Social media integration
  • Limited, paid job board pushes
  • Two-way communication with applicants
  • Unlimited custom email templates
  • Job-based reporting
  • Standard report library
  • Custom report builder
  • Individual traffic analytics reports

Premium AAIMTrack

Our premium plan offers you everything listed in the pro plan plus:

  • Multiple career-centered websites
  • JPEG resumé uploads
  • Multiple external employment applications
  • Paid/Unpaid job board account integrations
  • Premium source reports
  • HR data surveys
  • Employee referrals
  • Agency referral portal
  • Requisitions
  • eForms
  • Affirmative Action Information

Benefits of Our Applicant Tracking System

AAIMTrack offers your business resources for your HR professionals. Your company benefits from these resources in the following ways:

Cost Efficiency

Having to spend time and money going to each job board independently to post is wasteful when there are online HR systems that will consolidate this process, saving the user time and money. On average a 30 day posting on one job board can cost around $200 or more and if you have to do this step 5 to 10 times for each job board it can take you several hours.
Why not choose a system like AAIMTrack that will post on your behalf and for free to several of the most popular job boards in the market?

Find Qualified Candidates

A better recruiting process will improve your first impressions. What does your process look like, what do your job ads say about you, are you communicating with your candidates efficiently, do you embrace technology? With our applicant tracking program, you have access to all the necessary tools for hiring qualified candidates. You have customized job applications, job websites, multiple avenues of candidate communication, reporting, a thorough and easy to use background process, and much more.

Recruiting new hires is stressful, but with AAIMTrack, all you need is located within one resource. You no longer need to stress about creating your own applications, email templates, or social posts—the system takes care of it for you.

Applicant Friendly

Not only does AAIMTrack make hiring simpler for you, but it’s also simpler for applicants, too. Candidates have options, if our process isn’t good enough or easy to navigate, we run the risk of our competitor getting the best talent.
AAIMTrack provides a mobile friendly candidate experience. With multiple resume uploading options, resume parsing, text to apply and more, the best talent is just seconds away from applying!

Upgrade Your Human Resource Materials

AAIMTrack is the perfect upgrade for your HR department. Our applicant tracking system simplifies the recruiting and hiring processes for your HR department, recruiters and hiring managers, applicants, and you. Our team of system experts stay on top of Recruiting trends to assist your business in staying updated, relevant, and high quality.
No matter the size of your business or your HR department, AAIMTrack benefits everyone. Simplify your HR Systems library today by contacting our Research and Solutions team at [email protected] and discussing which AAIMTrack plan is right for you.