SHR: Driving Employee Engagement LIVE ONLINE

This course will review the benefits of an engaged workforce, discuss recent trends in employee engagement, review the 7 Drivers of Engagement and explore how HR Professionals can promote them […]

Leading Change IN-PERSON

In this course, participants will learn the strategies and techniques that can reduce resistance to change and increase the chances of success for themselves and their teams.

Safety Management: Training Best Practices IN-PERSON

This course will assist in developing a training program to meet all of the OSHA training requirements. We will discuss how best to conduct training, recordkeeping requirements, frequency of training, […]

HRE: The Employment Process LIVE ONLINE

This course offers a review of the Employment Process within organizations and examines the issues & challenges that persons in human resources deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Customized Training Courses

Why settle for standard public training when you can have a custom program that would include your Mission, Vision, and Company Values? Imagine a program that tailors the workshop and activities to the market you serve! If this sounds appealing, call your AAIM Account Executive today to explore the possibilities.