Benefits of Integrated HR Systems

Benefits of Integrated HR System

Integrated HR Systems Explained

Integrated HR systems merge your HR functions into simplified human resource management platforms. Having all HR functions on centralized platforms simplifies your HR process and increases workforce management.

Some of the functions you can integrate are:

  • Payroll and benefits
  • Employee data
  • Compliance forms
  • Paperwork portals
  • Applicant tracking

Five Benefits of Integrated HR Systems

Upgrading to  integrated HR systems helps your company in many ways:

Customizable HR System

With integrated HR systems, you get to pick and choose which aspects of technology you want to use. You’re able to create different packages based on your needs, and you can add new systems, like a payroll application, to your integrated platform if you want. 

Integrated HR systems are budget friendly and entirely based on your needs. You can implement an onboarding platform, background screening platform, and applicant tracking system when you integrate your HR systems.

Improved Employee Experience

Employees benefit from integrated HR systems because their information, including onboarding paperwork, applicant tracking, and background screening is hosted through compatible technology systems. Paperwork is much easier to fill out with these HR systems

Plus, if employees manage all of their information through online portals, their overall experience as your employee improves, thereby increasing employee retention. Both you and your employees reap the benefits of an integrated human resource system.

Mobile-Friendly Integrated HR Systems

With technology constantly evolving, mobile-friendly HR applications are beneficial for your HR system. Mostly everyone has a phone, and user-friendly platforms increase your employees’ experience with your HR systems.

Your team will realize how simple it is to update their onboarding information, access their applicant tracking system, and complete background checks using the device they use every day.

Increased Compliance

Employment laws are constantly changed or tweaked, and it’s important to stay up to date with your corresponding forms, so your business stays compliant with relevant regulations. 

Integrated technology solutions will automatically update your forms and alert HR individuals of the new forms available.

Integrate Your Payroll Management

Payroll information is typically held on a separate platform, making it harder to access since it’s separate from other HR systems. With an integrated approach, you have the ability to link with other payroll providers, like ADP, Paycor, or whatever provider you prefer.

What Features Should My Integrated HR Systems Have?

When choosing your integrated HR system, it’s important to check for key features that benefit you in the long run. These features include:

  • Dashboard functions that organize employee information
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Job postings
  • Onboarding paperwork
  • Compliant forms
  • Background checks
  • Payroll management integrations
  • Mobile friendly platforms

Make sure your integrated HR systems have all the benefits you need to keep your HR department running smoothly. 

Where Can I Get Started?

AAIM provides companies with quality integrated HR systems with all the features you’re looking for so you can improve your HR department today! With over 120 years of experience, we promise to get you on the right page.

AAIM’s HR systems are customizable and based on your business’s needs. We aren’t a one-size-fits-all integrated HR provider—we know that every company has its own HR requirements. 

AAIM offers integrated solutions that allow your organization to select the pieces that work for you. From starting with AAIMTrack, initiating the background through AAIMCheck to initiating the onboarding process through Onboard EXP with mere clicks of a button, we’ve made it easier than ever to hire your next excellent employee!

AAIM also provides a strict process through Professional Background Screens (PBSA), and we are 1 of 120+ holding this accreditation. We also educate and advise clients on best practices to implement an added level of security

Let us help you complete the next step after your integrated HR systems are implemented. AAIM assists you with:

  • Executive and management coaching
  • Computer training
  • Talent management
  • Team building
  • Sales training
  • Compensation strategies and surveys
  • Leadership training

Reach out to an AAIM professional today and discover the benefits of becoming a member.