Are Your Candidates Ghosting You?

Employers across the country are feeling the annoyance of being “ghosted” according to a recent study. More and more job seekers are skipping out on interviews they have previously committed to, not responding to inquiries from hiring managers or even going so far as to skip their first day of work after accepting a job offer.

Although ghosting isn’t formally measured like unemployment rates and other key data, estimates put the current rate of candidate ghosting at around 20 to 50%. With happy, engaged candidates being less likely to fall out of communication, it only makes sense to follow these key pieces of advice to build stronger relationships with candidates.

1. Use Your Candidate’s Preferred Method of Communication

Something as simple as texting a candidate can improve your hiring process. Texts are an easy and efficient way to connect with candidates. Everyone texts and many job seekers are already employed, so a phone call may not be the ideal way to reach them.

A text message allows them to be discreet. Texts are also fast, giving both recruiters and candidates an immediate way to reach each other.

2. Build a Relationship

Job seekers have the upper hand in today’s job market. When you’re interviewing each candidate, it’s important that you make them feel valued and important. More than likely, other staffing firms and employers are wooing them, so who can blame them for heading elsewhere if your process falls short and doesn’t make them feel like you’re interested?

3. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

We’ve all been there. It’s not uncommon for the hiring process to hit roadblocks. Clients get delayed. Someone new is brought on causing disagreements amongst the team about who to hire and when. Issues like this can result in a long, drawn out hiring process. With the dwindling shelf life of today’s pool of candidates, it’s crucial that you remain transparent about your timeline and any obstacles to avoid massive breaks in communication that lead to candidate ghosting.

Strong communication throughout the hiring process, a structured onboarding program and clear lines of feedback are the most important elements of your candidate engagement strategy.

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