Five Ways to Ruin a Great Hire When Working With a Recruiter

Recruiters provide a competitive advantage when it comes to securing the best talent available. Of course, I am somewhat biased because I founded a search firm in 2005. However, there is no question that having someone else represent your company and “selling” your opportunity on your behalf can produce better results.

I know many companies feel they can do it on their own, but more often than not, there is a greater return on investment when using a search firm. This allows employers to focus on what they do best (running their business) instead of getting pulled into the business of searching for top talent. To further reiterate my point, here is something that many people do not know. There are recruiting firms that specialize in hiring people for recruiting firms! You may find that surprising, but search firms are also busy running their business and taking care of their own clients’ needs. From temporary placements to executive hires, even recruiters are reaping the benefits of a 3rd party who can prioritize finding their next best hire.

Here are a few of the benefits that companies often state in partnering with a 3rd party to conduct the recruiting process for them:

  • “You saved me so much time and I was able to focus on driving our business while knowing our hiring needs were being taken care of.”
  • “I am not sure how you found people directly in our industry who had a great track record too, as we were only finding very general backgrounds.”
  • “When we interviewed your candidate, they told us they were not even looking for a new career, but you were able to highlight some of the key aspects of working for us which piqued their interest.”

However, here are some common missteps that a company can make when using a recruiting firm:

  1. Assuming that only the recruiter should have contact with the candidate. A company should answer thank you emails from the candidate, especially as it nears an offer. Direct communication with the candidate is an important step in building a relationship with your future employee.
  2. A company should not assume that when they find a good candidate, they can wait or stall the process. Too often, companies assume that if they lose them, the recruiter will just find another one. Today’s market is a very tight candidate pool, with many opportunities for them. I remember one year I thought I had found my dream car. I told the salesperson I just wanted to think about it overnight and called him the next morning to say I’d be in to purchase it that day. Little did I know that it was someone else’s dream car too, and someone had come in and purchased it already. Same with great talent, they don’t last long…
  3. Don’t think that a long recruiting process makes a candidate feel more appreciated. I recently explained to a hiring manager who had taken someone through 7 steps and meetings with 9 people that this situation is like when someone wants to introduce the person they are dating to their family. If they have them meet the: parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… before they feel they can commit to a relationship with them, the other person starts to wonder what is going on… same with a candidate.
  4. Highlight and “sell” the benefits of working for you. A good recruiter will do this too, but your future employee wants to hear it directly from the staff too. Remember, they have choices, and great candidates will have multiple offers to choose from.
  5. Make them feel welcome. Be in constant communication with your new hire from the time they accept your offer and begin working with you. Remember, this is the time that the company in which they are leaving will make them feel extra special, by making promises and counter offers. If you go dark during this time frame, your candidate may begin to feel conflicted and second guess their decision. Lastly, make sure your onboarding is a great experience as well!

The best hiring processes are thorough and swift. When you find the dream candidate, act quickly so someone else doesn’t beat you to them!

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