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Sales Training

Whether organizations have an internal or external sales team, keeping their sales skills sharp is a priority if they want to stay ahead of the competition. At AAIM, our trainers and consultants are well versed in a variety of sales platforms and offer training in standard, strategic, consultative, or influential selling.

Our most popular sales training program, 95% Share, teaches participants how to gain “Customers for a lifetime, who buy all your products and brag about you to everyone they know.” Our unique approach to experiential training involves hands-on learning and helps participants retain lessons for a lifetime. To learn more about how the 95% Share program can turn your business around, click HERE

We also offer negotiating and presentation skills training, check out the courses below!
Exceptional Customer Service – Live Online
Sales Communication Skills – Live Online
Exceeding Customer Expectations – Live Online
Active Listening
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Negotiating Skills
Overcoming Objections
Relationship Building
Uncovering Needs

What our customers are saying about AAIM Sales Training:
“Like many sales professionals, I have always been aggressive with sales pitches and unknowingly projected an overbearing approach, or what I like to call the “Used Car Salesman” approach. AAIM’s “Professional Selling” program changed my methodology. This invaluable training taught me new ways to relate with my customers ensuring a positive outcome. The instructor, along with his training material, helped me realize that the best way to develop long-lasting relationships with my customers is to ask the right questions to truly learn what their needs are and to do my best to meet them. This approach is actually better suited to my personality and makes my job more satisfying. The following statement has stuck with me since our training, “Every sales call should have a request for commitment.” Since this training, I secured an extremely large business contract which I believe, in part, is due to the principles and philosophies I learned though AAIM’s program. I am now one step closer to reaching my full sales potential!” – Jared D., Direct Sales Account Representative, TMI Climate Solutions, a subsidiary of MiTek

For information on Sales Training, contact Matt Wideman at [email protected].