Bringing HR Compliance to Employee Fingertips

Remaining compliant with employment regulations is not an option, it’s a necessity.  Consistent regulatory changes and shifting priorities often lead to inconsistent practices and ineffective education, creating significant risk within your employee groups.  Now more than ever, it is imperative that your organization steps up to the challenge, which is just what HRWatchtower is designed to do.

HRWatchtower strives to create an interactive learning experience that is delivered to each user – your employees – through a mobile application, all without creating burdensome work for the HR staff.  This is accomplished through features and services delivered through automated delivery, focusing in areas of:

Compliance Training

Handbook & Policies

Motivation & Wellness

Connecting with users through time-sensitive notifications, HRWatchtower informs them of available updates and action items such as handbook policy changes, training requirements, or content to review.  The HR Staff has access to then pull necessary data to ensure their employees have acknowledged required postings or documents, maintaining focus on meeting compliance standards.