We Are Bringing the Park to YOU!

Have you ever ridden the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World?

If you have… you know the feeling. It’s 13 stories tall, and as you are in the elevator and it rises, it starts to shake, and it feels like it’s breaking. At the top of the tower, the windows open, and your seat crashes to the ground.

Often, I wonder, “Why would anyone want to do this?”

Would you believe me if I told you that this 1 ride cost Disney $100 MILLION Dollars to build?

Yet when I ask the guests, “What impressed you the most about Disney World?” they’ll respond with “it was clean,” or “the people were nice”.

From a design perspective, this can be the most frustrating thing in the world. From a Business Perspective, it’s extremely important. It’s important, because Disney World is not in business to sell rides. Rides are a commodity. Disney is in business to sell the experience.

 It has to be the overall experience. From the moment guests arrive, to the moment guests leave, every detail in between must be perfect, because that is what contributes to the overall experience. If it contributes to the experience, then it’s contributing to Disney’s overall product, and it is essential to their success.

What is your business’s purpose?

Join us September 26, 2019 for our annual AAIM4MORE Event, with the theme this year of Discover the Magic Within, where I will be facilitating the discussion with Louie Gravance. Together, we have a combined 40 years of experience with Disney.  Together, we will provide a how-to program for creating and sustaining a high performing organizational culture in YOUR business.

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