Employers have relied on AAIM Employers’ Association for more than 120 years for a wide range of services from; integrated human resources solutions, talent management, professional training and development, business information, people processes, consulting services, employer best practices, employee communications, peer-to-peer networking, and much more.

AAIM was founded in 1898 as the St. Louis branch of the National Metal Trades Association. At that time, the focus was to bring together business leaders in the metals, mining, manufacturing and engineering industries for networking, training and sharing ways to better manage. The founders realized that they were stronger by banding together and that their association membership enhanced their ability to grow their respective markets.

After seventy-eight years of continued growth and prosperity, the organization changed its name to the American Association of Industrial Management in 1976, due to membership expansion (the abbreviation A.A.I.M., or ‘double A-I-M,’ becomes our acronym). Then, in 1983, the organization decided to change its name again to AAIM Management Association, to reflect the number of diverse industries in its membership.

Meanwhile, twenty-seven companies formed the Peoria Manufacturer and Merchants Association in Peoria, Illinois, in 1917. The name changed in 1960 to Central Illinois Industrial Association (CIIA) due to the growth of members outside the Peoria market. In 1983, the name was changed to Central Illinois Employers’ Association (CIEA). In 1993, the organization’s name changed once again to Employers’ Association of Illinois (EAI) to reflect membership growth beyond the Central Illinois market. In 1998, the organization decided to simplify and abbreviate the moniker for its members. The organization became the Employers’ Association (EA).

In 2009, AAIM Management Association in St. Louis and the Employers’ Association in Peoria merged to become one – AAIM Employers’ Association.  Most recently, AAIM expanded its services to support Indiana employers and opened an office in Indianapolis in August of 2019.

Today, AAIM serves 1600 employers, representing 600,000 employees in the Midwest region.  AAIM offices are located in St. Louis, MO, Peoria, IL, and Indianapolis, IN.