AAIM Young Professionals Board Spotlight: Brittany Shine

Get to know the members of our AAIM Young Professionals Board. The AAIM Young Professionals program fosters career developmentleadership proficiencies, and relationship-building of passionate and high-potential young professionals in the St. Louis area. Members of the AAIM Young Professionals Board meet regularly to ensure the success of this annual program.

Name: Brittany Shine

Company: National Cart Company

Title: HR Generalist

Tell us a little about yourself, your current job responsibilities, and anything you are involved in that you are passionate about.

My role currently is the HR Generalist at National Cart Company and my job responsibilities range from payroll to filing paperwork. I started at National Cart company as an intern back in 2015 and I have grown so much through experience and having my boss, Andrea Rumfelt, as a great mentor to me. Sometimes being thrown in the fire and seeing how well a young professional works under pressure or trying something new is a good tactic to seeing what an associate is made of! When I was first starting Andrea gave me the task of creating a training about change management to see how well I could manage a big project like that. I have had such a wonderful journey here at National Cart Company and I cannot wait to learn new things every day.

Why did you choose to join the AYP Board?

I had a wonderful experience being involved in the Young Professional program, so when I got the opportunity to be a part of the board, how could I say no? The people I have met through the program have helped me learn and grow as a person and a colleague.

What does it mean to you to be a good leader?

To be a good leader means to lift others up and help them become what they dream of being.

How have you grown (professionally or personally) since joining AYP?

Learning how other companies work and operate helps me to improve processes in my own company. I have learned how to network properly and build relationships by getting out of my comfort zone and going to events I normally would not have gone to.

What advice would you give to other Young Professionals just starting out in their professional career?

Don’t overthink things, choose courage over comfort, and speak your mind. Young Professionals have so much to bring to the workplace with different perspectives and ideas on things.