The gold standard in
talent optimization

way·find·er / wâ fînder/

(Noun) a sign, landmark, or other indicator used to assist people in navigating to a particular location.

Elevate your talent processes and become a known leader in your industry through AAIM’s Wayfinder program.

What is Wayfinder?

Wayfinder is a comprehensive program that guides organizations in achieving the gold standard in human resources best practices and then recognizes that they have met our stringent set of criteria for excellence.

Wayfinder nominees undergo a thorough audit of their HR policies and practices.  These include analyzing turnover rates and competitive compensation; developing employees and management at all levels; driving employee engagement; and ensuring HR compliance.

Following the audit, AAIM will identify “waypoints” which are designed to address both pressing challenges and significant opportunities that can enable the nominated company to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.  Throughout the process, AAIM will provide guidance and assistance in meeting these waypoints.  Once all waypoints have been met, the organization will be designated a Wayfinder and be promoted as an HR leader throughout the industry.

Each Wayfinder company exhibits these best practices in talent optimization:

  • HIRE

    • Has a strategy for talent acquisition grounded in its mission, vision, and values
    • Has a defined employment value proposition that is leveraged in recruiting efforts and is built on a leadership promise to employees
    • Maximizes effectiveness by using applicant tracking technology to streamline applicant communication and tracking, and to support multi-channel recruiting
    • Builds clarity into the hiring process by creating a targeted profile for each hire
    • Effectively uses assessments to align candidate profiles with hiring profiles
    • Utilizes a consistent background screening process, integrated with applicant tracking


    • Aligns people development with their mission, vision, and values, evaluating and addressing gaps in what is needed to drive business success
    • It is committed to continuous employee development because they recognize that companies don’t develop and improve – people do!
    • Has a plan in place for broad-based employee development with a combination of on-the-job and formalized learning
    • Engages in assessments to manage group dynamics, develop people, and build a high performing organization


    • Follows a defined annual HR schedule to ensure excellence in people efforts
    • Has voluntary turnover below the industry average
    • Has a defined compensation philosophy and strategy
    • Understands their competitive position in compensation within their talent market and ensures that there is a system in place to carry out their philosophy and strategy
    • Conducts an employee opinion and engagement survey with action planning at least annually
    • Makes goal setting and feedback between employees and their managers a way of life
    • Has a multi-channel listening and communication strategy, leveraging technology


    • Follows a defined annual HR schedule to ensure excellence in people efforts
    • Completes an HR Audit every five years and performs regular checkups, followed by action to close gaps
    • Does not compromise compliance and ensures timely documentation and completion of all compliance requirements
    • Provides annual HR Compliance training

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