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Work-On-Workforce (WOW) Sessions provide a forum for AAIM members to collaborate and actively work on design and implementation of effective Human Resources strategies that support business goals and strategies.

Participants will work interactively and take a Workforce Planning approach to identify business strategies, discuss how each area of HR can support workforce strategies, learn best practices in core HR areas, and work on real implementation plans. See 2019 WOW Session schedule below, and contact our Research and Solutions team for more information at 314-754-0236 or [email protected] 


January 18 – Talent Acquisition for Key Roles

February 15 – Developing Work Life Balance for Your Company

March 15 – Conducting Compensation Audits

April 26 – Background Screening & Drug Testing

May 17 – Developing a Diversity Initiative Plan

June 21 – Supervisor Development

July 19 – Benefits Compliance & Healthcare Landscape

August 16 – Assessments for Front Line Employees

September 20 – Recruiting Process Effectiveness

October 25 – The 3 Levels of Conversation & the Trust Model

November 15 – Workforce Planning

December 13 – Compliance Challenges Impacting Business