Are you aiming to connect with your employees more? With AAIM2Connect, you can easily communicate with your employees and send updates in record time.

What Is AAIM2Connect?

Are you looking for an employee news app, team engagement app, or employee directory app? How about one app that centralizes all of those functions and erases the need for multiple employee applications?

AAIM2Connect is a 24/7 communication channel used to connect employees, managers, and HR efficiently. Employers and HR can use the employee communication mobile app to:

  • Notify employees of emergency or time-sensitive information
  • Deliver Anti-harassment training
  • Post important contact information
  • Reference materials
  • Create fun/knowledge-based quizzes

Our app is perfect for organizations with employees at multiple locations or spread over several geographic areas.

The Three Facets of AAIM2Connect

Our employee communication mobile app serves several functions in the workplace and minimizes the need for other external applications. The three apps AAIM2Connect replaces are:

Employee News App

We designed AAIM2Connect to help you share critical business information with your employees.

Employees need to stay informed on employment laws, company policies, and emergencies, but it’s difficult to send everyone the same information in a timely manner—that’s why we developed AAIM2Connect. You can easily send updates on laws and policies without any miscommunication.

You can also use the employee communication mobile app to inform your team about emergencies like:

  • Intruders or active shooters
  • Tornadoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Fires and explosions

AAIM2Connect is the most effective way to notify all employees when there’s an emergency and ensure everyone’s safety.


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Team Engagement App

If you want to increase team engagement, AAIM2Connect is the app for you because a strong communication program is the cornerstone of employee engagement.

With our employee communication mobile app, you can:

  1. Create interactive quizzes for fun competition.
  2. Provide wellness and motivational information.
  3. Post general information or informal updates on the virtual bulletin board.
  4. Display contact information of all employees for easy connection.

Employees are more likely to engage with an organization when they have a form of simplified communication on a user-friendly app.

You can customize our app in any way that suits your business. Employers can use it to highlight employee recognition or display employee profiles—make AAIM2Connect your own!

Importance of Employee Development

Employee Directory App

Every employee, from new hires to tenured team members, has questions. It’s frustrating—and sometimes work stopping—when you can’t get answers to your questions because you don’t have the correct contact information or you don’t know where to look. 

With AAIM2Connect, you get answers in record time with the quick reference feature.

Quick reference acts as an employee directory app by giving employees access to handbooks, relevant literature, videos, and photos. When employees get confused, they have something to reference whenever they need to without searching their computer for the correct information.

Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly App

Of course, there are already computer-friendly team engagement apps like Microsoft Teams or Discord. What makes AAIM2Connect different, and why is a mobile format the best for our app?

24/7 Access

You can access mobile apps any time of the day—and the same goes for AAIM2Connect. If there’s an emergency that you need to communicate to your staff, you can do so without requiring them to have access to a work computer.

We want our app to be as accessible as possible—that’s why we chose a mobile format that you can use 24 hours a day.


People typically prefer mobile communication to any other type of communication because it’s the easiest and fastest way to share information.

Most smartphone owners like yourself exclusively use their phones to interact with the world around them, and we want AAIM2Connect to mirror how you already communicate.

Our employee communication mobile app makes connecting with your network simpler because you don’t need your work device to stay in touch with your employees or receive work updates.

How Can I Get Started With AAIM2Connect?

If you want to centralize your employee communications, contact an AAIM professional today! Our employee communication mobile app is free for all members and customizable based on your organization’s needs.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at (314) 754-0236 to learn more about AAIM2Connect and our membership.