Are you tired of managing your HR systems on different platforms? AAIM has the solution for you. With our integrated HR technology services, your HR functions exist on one, all-inclusive platform.

What Are Integrated HR Technology Services?

Integrated HR technology services combine your HR capabilities into one software to simplify your human resource management. Most businesses use HR tech solutions for the following:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Background Checks
  • Onboarding New Hires

An integrated HR solution puts all of these services into a comprehensive package, making your HR processes more efficient and consistent.

AAIM’s HR Software Integration

Our HR technology solution combines three significant HR aspects: mobility, compliance, and reporting.


Our HR software is mobile-friendly for convenience and accessibility. Your employees deserve 24/7 access to their information, and with our HR technology services, you can give that to them.

New hires can fill out paperwork, and recruits can apply online with our mobile app. The hiring process can feel overwhelming when it’s disorganized, but it’s easier than ever with our integrated HR software. Send hiring information, communicate with employees, and send updates through our mobile-friendly application.


How does your business stay compliant with employee laws? Do you individually send out regulation updates? Do you print flyers with new information relevant to employees?

Say goodbye to all of that complicated, time-consuming paperwork. With our integrated HR technology services, compliance is simple. Send out regular updates through our mobile app to get everyone on the same page in record time.

Our software includes three major components that help you stay compliant:


AAIMCheck is our specialized background verification service that provides fast, accurate results. It includes:

  • Various screening options (drug screening, SS traces, etc.)
  • Applicant tracking software integration
  • Consultation services and ongoing support

Most importantly, AAIMCheck gives you sample compliant authorization and disclosure forms. They’re updated automatically, so you don’t have to stress about getting updated records since AAIMCheck does it for you.


AAIMTrack is our applicant tracking software that includes:

  • Job postings
  • Social recruiting capabilities
  • Application review
  • Integrated payroll, onboarding, and AAIMCheck options

This system helps you stay compliant with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) by automatically updating voluntary disclosure information.


OnboardEXP is AAIM’s onboarding system that simplifies new hire paperwork. This application automatically updates state and federal forms, including:

    • I-9
    • W-4
    • State tax withholdings
    • EEO self identity
    • Notice of Labor 2010.5
    • NY wage notice
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

    With updated forms, you’re always compliant with the latest changes.

    You can combine these three platforms with our integrated HR tech solutions. Access all of the above with one application and streamline your HR systems.

    Reporting Capabilities

    With our HR technology services, you can:

    • Easily export data
    • Manage job reporting
    • Develop custom reporting
    • View Affirmative Action information

    Benefits of Our HR Technology

    If you want to increase team engagement, AAIM2Connect is the app for you because a strong communication program is the cornerstone of employee engagement.

    With our employee communication mobile app, you can:

    Increased Efficiency

    Integrating your HR platforms combines all your systems in one place, making HR management more efficient. Spend less time searching for the right documents with all of your information in one system.

    With integrated HR solutions, you can send updates and paperwork to employees in record time. Manage compliance, reports, and onboarding documents within your combined platform.

    Competitive Advantage

    Small and medium-sized businesses have a competitive advantage against larger companies with this integrated software. Simplified onboarding and mobility attract qualified candidates looking for a modern business environment that keeps up with technology trends.

    Filling out paperwork and applications in person is a thing of the past. With AAIM’s advanced HR tech solutions, your candidates and new hires can complete everything online, making the onboarding process easier and faster.

    Improves Accuracy

    With multiple HR platforms, there’s a lot of room for error. With our integrated system, you only have to enter information one time to update it everywhere. Simplify your data input and decrease human errors with our unique HR itechnology services.

    Cost Savings

    Are you tired of paying for separate HR platforms? You have one for payroll, one for onboarding, another for offboarding, and another for compliance. By partnering with AAIM, you can access all of these systems in a singular place and stop paying individual bills for your separate platforms.

    Increased Employee Engagement

    Our HR technology acts as an employee self-service station. Employees can access documents, fill out paperwork, and view employee law updates on our integrated system.

    Let’s say you needed employees to update their tax forms. Instead of printing off each form for hundreds of employees, your team can change their tax information using our integrated platform.

    Because our technology is accessible and mobile-friendly, this process is simple. Your employees will feel more inclined to complete these updates since they’ll do so on an application they already use.

    Want To Implement Our HR Technology Services?

    If you want to improve your HR department’s efficiency and simplify employee processes, contact our team! AAIM has provided businesses with innovative HR solutions for over 120 years. We’re the trusted, experienced HR professionals you’ve been searching for.

    Become a member and streamline your HR systems today!