2024 National Wage and Salary Survey Results

Welcome to the 2024 National Wage and Salary Survey Portal, a comprehensive survey results page tailored specifically for HR professionals seeking invaluable insights into compensation and workforce trends at the national level. We at AAIM appreciate your participation and commitment, and now it’s time for you to unlock the power of the data you helped create. Dive into the comprehensive data of this benchmark survey and utilize this compensation data all year!

The National Wage and Salary Survey provides wage and salary data on 150+ benchmark jobs that cross industry lines, such as clerical, technical, professional, supervisory, managerial, nonexempt production, maintenance, and service occupations

  • Participating Geographic Area: United States
  • Responses Listed by Job Title, Job Description, Geographic Areas
  • Data Provided: Number of Organizations Responding, Number of Employees, Weighted Average, Medians
  • Survey Data Sources: Participating members of participating U.S. employer associations

Leverage the data from the survey in the following ways:

Competitive Salary Structures:
Align your organization’s salary structures with industry benchmarks to remain competitive in talent acquisition and retention.
Informed Negotiations:
Use accurate compensation data for transparent and informed salary negotiations during hiring and reviews.
Budget Planning:
Inform budget planning by aligning compensation expenses with industry standards, ensuring financial allocations meet organizational goals.
Talent Acquisition Strategy:
Develop targeted talent acquisition strategies by understanding regional and national salary trends.
Retention and Performance:
Identify areas for adjusting compensation to retain key personnel, link pay to performance, and enhance overall employee satisfaction.

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Thank you for being a vital part of shaping the future of HR and business practices. Your commitment to excellence is the driving force behind the insights we share today.