Leading Positive Change IN-PERSON

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Change happens. Leaders in today’s dynamic work world are challenged to handle change on a daily basis. And yet, many people find change threatening and resist it; even positive change. So, leaders need to understand why team members resist it and find ways to help them overcome it, or at the very least, minimize it. Change success is determined by whether your people can make the transitions needed to make the initiative successful. Inspired by content from AAIM’s most popular course, Principles of Leadership, this session will provide tools for leaders to become the positive change agent needed by all organizations.

At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify types of change and the impact on people and business
  • Identify different roles of a change management leader
  • Transition people successfully through the three phases of change
  • Help employees overcome stress and resistance to change
  • Reinforce the positive impact of the new

Topics to be covered

  • Business Impact of Change
  • Guiding Your Team Through Three Phases of Change
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change


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