KLS: Foundations of Effective Leadership LIVE ONLINE

As a supervisor, manager, or leader within your organization, you have many important responsibilities. Instead of just focusing on your own work, you must now ensure that results are achieved through the work of others.  In this program we will introduce you to the essential skills you need to be successful in your role.

Selling with Confidence: Client Qualification LIVE ONLINE

By qualifying clients upfront, you’ll ensure that you’re meeting with those who have both the ability and desire to move forward with you. This will save you not only time and heartbreak but help you to do more business more effectively.

Preventing Procrastination LIVE ONLINE

This course goes beyond just the standard to-do list to help prevent procrastination, by helping develop solid action plans and move you off the hamster wheel of frustration and inefficiency.

Interpersonal Communication Skills LIVE ONLINE

This two-part series runs on January 19 & 26, 2023 from 1:30-3:30. In this course, participants will learn to communicate with clarity, eliminate communication barriers, influence the actions and thoughts of others, and respond assertively.

Time Management LIVE ONLINE

Participants will develop a Time Management Plan that makes sense for their schedules and objectives.

Customized Training Courses

Why settle for standard public training when you can have a custom program that would include your Mission, Vision, and Company Values? Imagine a program that tailors the workshop and activities to the market you serve! If this sounds appealing, call your AAIM Account Executive today to explore the possibilities.