2024 National Policies and Practices Survey Results

Welcome to the 2024 National Policies and Practices Survey portal, a comprehensive survey results page explicitly tailored for HR professionals seeking invaluable insights into compensation and workforce trends at the national level. We thank you for participating, as your insights have made the Regional Policies and Practices Survey a valuable resource for our community. Your participation has powered this survey, and now it’s time to discover the impact together. Click below to review the results and see the collective strength of our AAIM network!

The National Policies and Practices Survey showcases trends in policies and workplace practices nationwide. Dive into critical areas such as Sick/Personal Days, Miscellaneous Benefits, Pay Practices, Working Conditions, Recruitment, Training and Development, Employee/Community Relations, and more!

This data can be leveraged in a variety of ways!

Strategic Decision-Making:
With comprehensive data on Sick/Personal Days, Benefits, Pay Practices and more, HR teams can make informed, strategic decisions. Identify areas of improvement and implement targeted policies to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement.
Benchmarking and Comparison:
Compare your organization’s practices with the regional trends provided in the survey. This benchmarking allows HR professionals to assess where they stand relative to industry norms, enabling them to make adjustments to stay competitive in the talent market.
Tailored Employee Development:
Use the data on Training and Development to tailor programs that address specific needs identified in the survey. This ensures that your workforce has the skills necessary for individual and organizational success.
Community Relations Enhancement:
Understand the region’s Employee/Community Relations landscape. HR professionals can use this insight to enhance community engagement strategies, contributing to a positive corporate image and strengthening ties with the local community.
Recruitment Strategy Refinement:
Gain a competitive edge in recruitment by aligning your practices with the regional standards. Highlighting these alignments in your recruitment efforts can attract top talent who resonate with the prevailing work culture and benefits in the area.
Data-Driven Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives:
Analyze the data on Employee Categories to identify areas for diversity and inclusion improvement. Tailor initiatives that foster an inclusive workplace, ensuring that your organization reflects the diversity of the regional workforce.

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