Integrated HR Technology Solution

Wouldn’t it be easier if…

  • You had a solution that saves you time and money?
  • You could streamline your recruiting and hiring process?

An Integrated HR Technology Solution allows you to create a faster and easier process for you, your organization, and your candidates!  With AAIM’s three powerful technology platforms, you can customize your own solution to fit your needs and budget.  What can these three, integrated, platforms do for your organization?

Enhance the Applicant Experience         

Mobile-friendly makes it faster and easier for the candidate! From applying to hiring, all can be done through a mobile device.



Stay Compliant

Sample compliant authorization & disclosure forms are available and automatically updated electronically.

Automatic updates of voluntary disclosure information per EEO compliance.

State and Federal forms are automatically updated!


Export Data

Job Reporting

Custom Reporting

Affirmative Action Information Available

A Differentiator!

Allows small-to-medium-sized organizations to compete for the best talent with large organizations! A clear competitive edge when hiring in today’s business environment.

We are not a one-size-fits-all HRIS platform—we know that every company has its own HR requirements.

AAIM offers integrated solutions that allow your organization to select the pieces that work for you. Starting with AAIMTrack, to initiating the background through AAIMCheck, and finally starting the onboarding process through Onboard EXP with mere clicks of a button, we’ve made it easier than ever to hire your next excellent employee! Other system integrations are available as well!

Reach out to your Advisor today to discuss taking the next step to your Integrated Technology Solution! [email protected] or 314-754-0236